IMG World and Desert Safari Combo



Desert Safari:

Desert Safari is one of the most famous activities to do in Dubai. This is a Family, Friends, Couple, and Kids Friendly service except the kids cannot take part in the dune bashing as it is an adventure activity recommended only for adults.

Dubai is a desert land hidden under all the glitz and glamour. The ancient Arab tribes used to reside in the desert. The Emiratis of Dubai have not totally abandoned their Bedouin culture and customs, despite the desert's declining population. The Dubai desert safari excursion offers a good opportunity to view this. Your chance to explore the desert, take in its beauty, and learn about the Bedouin culture is provided by the Dubai desert safari. Additionally, there are many of exciting and entertaining activities included in the desert safari that will keep you interested and delighted. With this note, let us look at some of the most entertaining things to do on a Dubai desert safari for family and friends.

IMG Worlds of Adventure:

IMG Worlds of Adventure was at that time the largest indoor theme park in the world. Motiongate Theme Park and Legoland in Dubai Parks and Resorts followed suit, although they aren't entirely indoors and air-conditioned like IMG Worlds of Adventure, a feature that works in their favor and against them at the same time.
Since IMG Worlds of Adventure is an entirely inside, air-conditioned theme park, the number of exhilarating and daring rides is constrained. Theatrical entertainment and virtual 3D experiences make up for it, though. However, certain rides can be categorized as just for the brave, and definitely not for those who suffer from motion sickness!


IMG Timings:
•    12 PM to 10 PM (Week Days - Sunday - Thursday)
•    12 PM to 11 PM (Weekends - Friday - Saturday )
•    03 PM to 09 PM (Ramadan)
•    Note: Opening hours are subject to change. Closing times indicate the time queues close.

Desert Safari Timing
Sunday – Saturday 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM


IMG Worlds of Adventure, which was split into four zones and was a crucial component of the "City of Arabia" construction project in Dubai, drew inspiration from two well-known international brands: "Marvel" and "Cartoon Network." The two additional zones, "IMG Boulevard" and "Dinosaur Adventure," were designed as special creations of the IMG. The 'IMG Worlds of Adventure,' the most recent addition to this amazing complex, has increased the park's size and magnificence.