Desert Safari



Desert Safari Dubai:
Desert Safari is one of the most famous activities to do in Dubai. This is a Family, Friends, Couple, and Kids Friendly service except the kids cannot take part in the dune bashing as it is an adventure activity recommended only for adults.
Doesn’t Matter if it’s your first visit or not but Desert Safari is one of the services which is a must-do service. If you are here to get an Arabian experience then you are at the right place. We have arranged a decent Desert Safari Experience for you which will give you the pleasure to experience all Arabic activities. You can enjoy your camel ride, paint your hand with Hina painting, Get the taste of Hubly Bubly Shisha, Entertain yourself with Bally Dance and serve yourself Arabic BBQ Dinner. A complete package for your real Arabian experience. 

Dubai is a desert land hidden under all the glitz and glamour. The ancient Arab tribes used to reside in the desert. The Emiratis of Dubai have not totally abandoned their Bedouin culture and customs, despite the desert's declining population. The Dubai desert safari excursion offers a good opportunity to view this. Your chance to explore the desert, take in its beauty, and learn about the Bedouin culture is provided by the Dubai desert safari. Additionally, there are many of exciting and entertaining activities included in the desert safari that will keep you interested and delighted. With this note, let us look at some of the most entertaining things to do on a Dubai desert safari for family and friends.


Everyone comes with different expectations so with 13 year+ of experience we have designed a unique Desert Safari Package. This package will include all the activities like your pick-up, Doon Bashing, Camel Ride, Food, Entertainment, and food. At last, you will be dropped at your location. 

Sunday – Saturday 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Evening Desert Safari Inclusions:
• Dune Bashing
• Camel Riding
• Sand Boarding
• Henna Painting (Small Tattoo)
• Music System
• Sitting Area with Carpets, Pillows and Cushions
• Separate Toilet facility for both Men and Women
• Free-flowing soft drinks and water
• Live Entertainment Shows as below:
  • Belly Dance
  • Two Tanoura shows
  • Arabic Folklore show
  • Khaleeji Dance show
  • Fire show.