Sky View Observatory



Sky View Observatory

One of Dubai's most well-liked tourist destinations is Sky View Observatory, which offers breathtaking city vistas from its 73rd-floor observation deck. 
Before boarding the glass slide for an exhilarating drop, guests to the Sky View Observatory may take in the 360-degree panoramic views of the Dubai skyline and the surrounding mountains. Purchase a ticket to Sky Views Dubai, which offers three heart-pounding activities.
 Take a ride on the Sky Glass Slide, see the Sky Views Observatory, and stroll along the Sky Edge Walk. Sky Views Observatory, a futuristically built pedestal linking the summit of The Address Sky View dual 50-story elliptical dual towers rising from a curvilinear plinth, is situated close to Downtown Dubai across from Burj Khalifa. (with a total height of 237.45m and 260.85m, respectively). From Haider Tourism you can tickets for Sky view observatory. 


The Weight limit must be 30 kg to 120 kg. Meanwhile, the Height limit must be 135 cm to 200 cm. The requirement for Ages is from 12 to 65 years. Also, those below 18 years of age show parental permission in person.
Pricking for additional knowledge? Correct your access to assimilate the always-fascinating Edge Walk. That’s true, it’s strictly what it looks like. Stroll hands-free on a perimeter of 219.5 meters on the ground. Before you depart, the trip into any of the innumerable cafeterias in the observatory to refuel.


Over 219.5 meters above the golden city of the UAE stands the Sky Views Observatory. It features a glass floor that is 25 meters long. This fosters breathtaking views of the city below. Take advantage of the views from a large elevator with a glass floor on two or more sides.

Enjoy a ride on the Glass Slide from the outside. From decks 53 to 52, they transport tourists in a transparent glass tube.