Miracle Garden Dubai




The largest garden in the world is the Dubai Miracle Garden. The garden boasts and blooms more than 50 million flowers, which is by far the largest flower blossoming of any flower garden in the world. As a result, the garden is regarded as the largest in the entire globe. The Dubai Miracle Garden is appropriately known as the Miracle Garden since it is located at the very edge of the Dubai desert, despite the fact that it is generally known that deserts and flower gardens do not go along at all. But here is Dubai, where practically everything is conceivable, including the presence of the Dubai Miracle Garden, the largest garden in the world.
The Dubai Miracle Garden also has designated seating places where you may relax and peacefully experience the garden's wonderful qualities. Additionally, there are hammocks scattered throughout the garden where you may unwind and perhaps take a little nap. You may even have breakfast, lunch, or supper in the Dubai Miracle Garden because reputable food brands, like the internationally renowned Pizza Hut, have already established themselves there.


There are several in this regard when it comes to the widely recognized floral motifs or sculptures of the Dubai Miracle Garden. However, after looking over every photo taken at the garden, it is clear that the Hearts Passage is one of the most well-liked floral themes there. It is also one of the Dubai Miracle Garden's oldest themes, and it keeps adding value with each passing season.

Days of Operation

  • October to April



For all age groups, Miracle Garden Dubai comes highly recommended. Open from October through April, the Dubai Miracle Garden is closed from May through September.

You may use public transportation or a private vehicle to get to Miracle Garden Dubai. If this is your first time to Dubai and you're seeking for hassle-free arrangements, let us know and we'll be happy to assist with your ticket and transfer needs. Contact us for more info and booking.