IMG World & Wild Wadi Combo



Wild Wadi:

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, there is an outdoor water park called The Wild Wadi Water Park. The water park is run by Jumeirah International, a hotelier based in Dubai, and is located in the Jumeirah neighborhood next to the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Teams had to slide down a 21 m (69 ft) drop in both The Amazing Race 5 and The Amazing Race Asia 1. The teams had to utilize boogie boards and the Surf Machine to travel to the finish line, where they received their next clue, in The Amazing Race Australia 2, where it was later included.

IMG World of Adventure:

IMG World of Adventure is one of Dubai’s best theme parks, bringing Marvel and Cartoon Network characters to life with state-of-the-art rides. It is also the world’s biggest indoor theme park, so no matter what the weather, you can always visit IMG World of Adventure without worrying about the weather.

IMG World is suitable for all, whether you like Adventure or need a family time out. Haider Tourism is bringing a special offer for you with an exceptional discount for couple and family booking.

IMG Worlds of Adventure, which was split into four zones and was a crucial component of the "City of Arabia" construction project in Dubai, drew inspiration from two well-known international brands: "Marvel" and "Cartoon Network." The two additional zones, "IMG Boulevard" and "Dinosaur Adventure," were designed as special creations of the IMG. The 'IMG Worlds of Adventure,' the most recent addition to this amazing complex, has increased the park's size and magnificence.


Wild Wadi: Enjoy the long, calm river of Juha's Journey and the meter-high waves of Flood River while you unwind. The kids' attractions at Wild Wadi, which include water pistols and racing slides, will be loved by the small ones! However, for those of you who want a good adrenaline rush, check out the thrilling Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj attractions at Wild Wadi Water Park! Last but not least, but certainly not least, our Wipe-out and Riptide Flow riders are the pinnacle of surfing. The Wipe-out Flow rider is one of just four of its kind in the whole globe.


• IMG Worlds of Adventure Timings:
- Weekdays: Monday to Thursday 12.00 Noon – 10.00 PM
- Weekends: Friday to Sunday 12.00 Noon – 11.00 PM
- Attraction queues will close 30 minutes before park closing time.

Note: Both of the tickets you can use on two (2) Different Days