Green Planet

د.إ140 - 130



A unique attraction for this Middle Eastern nation is The Green Planet in Dubai. It is only an indoor rainforest constructed at Dubai's Green Planet. Visitors are welcome to explore and enjoy this indoor rainforest amid the Arabian desert. The novel and unconventional Bio-Dome idea serves as the foundation for Dubai's Green Planet. This idea breathes new life into the environment of the Middle East and allows tourists to get up close and personal with nature thanks to the upright gardens and the ecosystem of life-sustaining trees.

Many scientists and biologists who are interested in learning more and exploring this type of environment have been brought to The Green Planet's attention. It has also piqued the interest of the locals as they are not used to exploring and experiencing this side of nature.

More than a thousand different animal species may be found at Dubai's Green Planet. Parrots, various reptiles, porcupines, snakes, arachnids, sloths, and an enormous diversity of fish are a few of the creatures. The animals are housed on the other side of a glass enclosure, so visitors may explore the area without concern for them. The onlookers are free to wander and explore in peace while taking in the animals.


The Green Planet management reserves the right to deny admission to or reject a guest with a valid ticket if, in the management's opinion, the guest may endanger the safety of other visitors and animals, interfere with those visitors' enjoyment of The Green Planet, and/or interfere with The Green Planet's regular operations.

The ticket holders always have the complete and unconditional indemnification of the Green Planet management from any and all liabilities, including but not limited to losses, costs, claims, demands, actions, damages, legal and other professional fees and expenditures.


The rain forest's highest point, the canopy, is where you may see birds soaring close to the dome. The Gree Planet arena is home to a variety of birds, including Toucans and Macaws. The flooded rainforest is the lowest level of the Indoor rainforest and it houses an aquarium that depicts the complex ecosystem of underwater life. The visitors can also see frogs, lizards and snakes from a safe distance.