Dubai Garden Glow




Essentially, Dubai Garden Glow is an expansive garden located in Zabeel Park. This garden, which is well titled, will shine so brightly at night, which is why many families make it a must-see destination on their trip to Dubai. The wonderful thing about this location is that everything you see was created using biodegradable materials, making it a wonder. Your visit to this location will be nothing short of astonishing with such incredible LED masterpieces, attractions inside, and inconceivable reproductions like an eco-friendly replica of the Burj Khalifa. Here, even a stroll would seem like a dream. Visit while the glow garden is open to enjoy your trip in Dubai to the fullest.
Five distinct side attractions, including Ice Park Dubai and Dinosaur Park Dubai, are included in The Garden Glow, and they all provide captivating immersive experiences. Every year, the park unveils a brand-new theme, luring guests back season after season. a wonderful location for families to relax and recharge. Live concerts, musical rides, and other entertainment performances enhance the venue. While designing this park, consideration was given to the preservation of the environment and fauna. Book your tickets with Haider Tourism now. 


The Park often opens at 4:00 PM and is open until 1:00 AM. The Dubai Garden Glow open from Nov till May while it’s closed in the remaining months due to hot weather.


Every winter, one of the city's most well-liked attractions is Dubai Garden Glow. Some of the most amazing displays in the world have been made by hundreds of artists, engineers, and technicians from around the globe. Particularly during the weekends (Friday and Saturday evenings), it becomes quite packed. If you are traveling from abroad, it is recommended to choose a different night. We also urge you to bring a lot of patience if you want to get the greatest pictures. Contact us for more info.