Dolphin Show

د.إ80 - 50


The Dubai Dolphinarium is a top-notch attraction that provides guests with the rare chance to get close to and interact with dolphins. This sight is something you absolutely must not miss, regardless matter whether you are a local of Dubai or a tourist visiting the city for the first time.  
The Dolphinarium is one of Dubai's most well-liked family attractions because to its stunning architecture and acres of verdant greenery.
One of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Dubai is the Dubai Dolphinarium, and it is simple to understand why. It allows visitors to get up close and personal with some of the most beloved animals in the world and is situated right in the center of the city. There are many different kinds of dolphins living at the Dolphinarium, from playful young ones to acrobatic performers. Sea lions, penguins, and several other marine animals are also present. 
It's the ideal destination for children and animal lovers because to its instructive performances and engaging experiences.


General Rules and Regulation :
Please note that child ticket is from 2 to 11 years old. Only below 2 years old is free.
*As per Dubai Municipality, all visitors must use NOL card to enter the gate.
*Additional 5.00 AED entry to the park; this charge is made by Dubai Municipality and non negotiable.
*Amount is per contracted rate agreement
*Terms and Conditions apply
*Tickets will not be issued until the bill payment is paid(CASH Contract)
For booking amendments please notify us at least 2 hours before the show time.
Park fee to be paid at Creek Park entrance.


Each day there is 3 time shows, 11am, 2pm and 6pm. 
Tuesday closed