Birds Show




At the Dubai Dolphinarium, the Creek Park Bird Show offers an exciting experience. Unique and exotic bird species are featured there. You will witness a variety of unusual and fascinating bird behaviors, from a talkative African grey speaking English to a macaw playing basketball.
In contrast to zoos, the birds will get near to the audience during the performance. When the birds soar overhead, take in the spectacle and go near.
There is so much for kids to discuss and observe on the show. There are Eclectus parrots, Northern fur seals, and bottlenose dolphins eager to occupy your children. This air-conditioned bird park in Dubai Dolphinarium, which is close to Al Jadaf Waterfront, will refresh your mind with its dose of greenery. If you are hungry, visit any of the on-site restaurants to dine. Contact us for booking bird show Tickets with us. 


You may also take your kids to the trampoline, mirror labyrinth, and shops after the concert for more entertainment.

You may choose from a variety of birds with fantastic colors and plumage patterns. These birds have been trained to perform the tasks that have been given to them by their trainers. You will be in awe of both their beauty and their abilities.


The exotic bird show takes place at the Dubai Dolphinarium’s Creek Park. The timings for the show include 12.15 pm, 3.15 pm, 7.15 pm. You can book the tickets online.