Dubai IMG World of Adventure-Interesting Facts to Know about the wonderful place

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Dubai IMG World of Adventure-Interesting Facts to Know about the wonderful place

We all witnessed that Dubai is one of the most famous tourist spots and the land of Dubai is full of excitement and fun. The lifestyle of Dubai will allow everyone to enjoy every type of activity there. You are free to choose the best activities for people of all ages. This time, we will tell you in detail about the most interesting and attractive destination of Dubai. Do you have an idea about IMG World? It is one of the largest theme parks where people of all ages will never get bored. If you are living in Dubai along with your family, it is a strong recommendation for you to visit IMG world near Global Village Dubai.

Here is a detailed discussion on this attractive theme park and why people living in Dubai and tourists in Dubai prefer to visit IMG World again and again.

3 Must Visit Attractions in IMG world Adventure

IMG World is offering a lot more excitement and fun for its valued visitors from all parts of the world. We have selected three most impressive and recommended places of this amazing theme park.

  1. The Lost Valley

It is a very popular adventure zone of IMG World of Adventure where you will see a zone which has a lot of dinosaurs. The whole theme of the respective places was inspired by Jurassic World and you will find this place as it is. IMG World Offers dining restaurants in the lost valley where you can enjoy delicious food and obviously an unforgettable view of the jungle full of Dinosaurs.

  1. Cartoon Network

This place will be the most favorite spot for your kids where they will get the chance to meet their favorite cartoon character. This nostalgia world will not only give you the chance to meet with your favorite cartoon character only, this dynamic zone will offer you the shows of Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time LazyTown, and others. Are you ready to enjoy the unlimited fun at this zone of IMG World of adventure? Get ready to enjoy unlimited fun and excitement.

  1. Marvel Zone

Enter the world of Marvel in the IMG world of attraction where famous Marvel characters are waiting for you to cheer you up. Once you enter the zone of Marvel, you will be transported into the universe of Marvel 3D based park to imagine the Marvel themed experience. You can personally meet your favorite Marvel Avengers at IMG world of attraction.

Let’s move on to an amazing experience of your life by choosing the adventure rides in IMG World of Adventure.

3 Must Have Adventure Rides in IMG World

Get to know about the most thrilling adventures of the IMG world. IMG World Offers the best life experiences to its valued visitors which you may not get from any other place in Dubai. All things inside the IMG World of Adventure have been set perfectly and all zones are perfectly set and themed.

  1. Haunted hotel

Are you daring to enter the world of haunted hotels? It is one of the most thrilling adventures of the zone at IMG World of adventure. You may have to experience a lot of frightful characters. You must find the spooky backdrop to find the way out. Note, you must be 15 years old to enter the world. All visitors aged 15 to 18 have to show their IDs to enter the world of haunted hotels. 

  1. The Velociraptor

Hold on tight for a wild ride on the Velociraptor, a thrilling roller coaster that takes you back in time to the age of dinosaurs. This high-speed adventure is a must-try for people who like dinosaurs. Feel the rush as you twist and turn.

  1. Forbidden Territory

Step into the Forbidden Territory and prepare to know about its mysteries. This zone at IMG World of Adventure is a journey into the unknown. Explore hidden secrets and know about the creatures that are no more. Forbidden Territory promises an adventure filled with surprises and excitement that you won't want to miss.

Tips to Enjoy Your Visit at IMG World of Adventure

Visiting IMG World of Adventure is an exciting adventure waiting to happen! To make the most of your visit and create unforgettable memories, here are some easy tips:

  1. Visit During the Week

Weekdays are your golden ticket to a less crowded experience at IMG World of Adventure. If you can swing it, plan your visit for a weekday. You'll have shorter lines and more room to explore all the fun stuff!

  1. Visit During Ramadan

If you happen to visit during Ramadan, you're in for a unique experience. The park often has extended hours, and it's generally less crowded during the daytime while people are fasting. Plus, you can enjoy some special Ramadan-themed activities.

  1. Get IMG Tickets in Advance

Want to skip the lines and dive right into the fun? Buying your IMG tickets in advance is the way to go. You can purchase them online through their website. This not only saves you time but sometimes even some money with special online deals.

  1. Hit the IMG at 11:59 AM

Are you an early bird? Well, at IMG World of Adventure, you'll want to arrive just before noon. Why? Because the park opens its doors at 12 PM! Being there early gives you the advantage of getting in without lines.

All You Need to Know About IMG World Tickets

Let's check the ticket options to help you choose what works best for you:

  1. Standard Tickets

Standard tickets are available at the entry point of IMG World of Adventure. They're great for one-time visitors or if you decide to have a spontaneous adventure day. Just go to the ticket counter, and you're in!

  1. Annual Passes

These passes are perfect for people who plan to visit frequently. You pay once and can come back multiple times throughout the year. It's a fantastic way to get your fill of excitement!

  1. Online Tickets

Buying tickets online is like having a shortcut to the fun. It's super convenient, and you can do it from the comfort of your home or hotel room. Plus, you often get access to exclusive online-only deals and discounts.


  1. What are the park's opening hours?

The park opens at 12:00 PM and closes at 10:00 PM. Be sure to check the current hours on their website before your visit.

  1. How can I buy tickets?

You can buy IMG tickets online through their official website or purchase them at the park's entrance. We suggest getting the tickets online to avoid crowds.

  1. Are there rides only for kids?

No! IMG World of Adventure has rides and activities for all ages, so you can have a great time too with your little ones.

  1. Are there discounts for kids?

Kids under 3 get in free, but those who are 3 years old or older require an IMG ticket, which is the same price for both children and adults.

  1. Are there any height restrictions for rides?

Yes, some rides have height restrictions to ensure safety. Check at the ride entrances for height requirements. You will find a lot of rides for everyone to enjoy.

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